See Most Recent Friend’s Posts On Facebook

Facebook – The biggest social network

Since Facebook is most popular social networking website with over 2 billion of active users, today we will talk about how to have even more fun on Facebook. First and maybe the best way to have fun on this social network is to send friend requests to people. Once they have confirmed your friend request, you can text them or you can see their profile, pictures and posts. You can comment on their posts and like their pictures. Keeping your profile updated is very important, so other people can see when is your birthday, what do you like or where do you live.

facebook wall

All these things are optional, and you don’t even need to have profile photo! Joining groups and following famous people is one of the funniest things on Facebook, especially if you follow some groups which are posting funny pictures. Facebook is very popular place for lovers of various kinds of games. Feel free to tryout some great games like HayDay, Farmville or Zynga poker, that’s one of best ways to have almost unlimited amounts of fun while being on Facebook. Did you know that you can choose which things you want to see on news feed? You can choose between “Most Recent” or “Top Stories”, so if you switch to “Most Recent” you will see the newest one’s posts, but when you switch to “Top Stories” you will be able to see posts that have most likes and comments.

Using Facebook timeline properly

You can find this option in upper left corner of your timeline! Don’t forget to use great feature to add ” What You’re Doing and Feeling” to your post. It maybe seems kind of dumb or childish but it is great way to make better post and have more fun with emojis. We hope that this short post helped you to have more fun while surfing on Facebook.


Gathering Resources In Clash of Clans

Collecting Gems In Clash of Clans


With the evolution of mobile gaming we have seen some different aspects of how the new free to play model could be fine-tuned to make the game more exciting and earning enough money to the developers of the game. Clash of Clans is a prime example of a well thought out and designed “fermium game”. Freemium games mean that the user which spends money for the game has an advantage over the user which usually spends none. And for most game this is the braking factor which usually turns away a lot of users. Clash of Clans on the other hand has made this formula work in their favor by making the currency which was available only for real money available in game for players to collect. While the players who spent money in Clash of Clans have an advantage over the free to play players, it’s not that great to be game changing or game breaking. Paying players only progress in the game faster, making Clash of Clans the best fermium game on any app store.

Building your Clash of Clans village!

A lot of people ask the question, does my device support Clash of Clans? The designer team behind this game had this question in mind when designing Clash of Clans. They knew that if they wanted to make it to the big leagues they needed to make the game available to almost anybody, with this in thought Clash of Clans is supported on almost any devices running iOS and Android known to date.
The formula that the team behind Clash of Clans isn’t that complicated in fact. The strategy elements combined with the real time rolling player game elements make Clash of Clans a compelling video game for anybody to pick up at the app store, and why should they? It’s free of any charge and has almost unlimited playtime potential. The competition for Clash of Clans can be found all over any app store, but what all these games have in common is the fact that they don’t even come close to giving players the compelling and interesting gameplay experience which Clash of Clans offers.